Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cheesy scrolls

300mls. warm water
10g dried yeast.
520g white flour
1 teasp. each of sugar and salt

Place in bowl in that order, mix speed 7 for 5 seconds.
knead interval speed for 4 mins
Leave in bowl until dough doubles in size

Roll out into large flat rectangle.
Sprinkle cheese and bacon or vegemite and cheese over (for a failsafe version spread with garlic and herb dip). Roll up and cut into 2 inch think slices.

Leave to rise again

Bake in pre heated oven, 210c. for 20 mins

mmmmmmm sooo good.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Peanut butter choc cookies


60g peanut butter I used the stuff I made here
125g butter
110g sugar
110g raw sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg
125g chocolate chips
310g Self-rising flour


Mill 110g of raw sugar on speed 9 for 3 seconds

Add butter, peanut butter and another 110g of raw sugar to bowl and cream on speed 3 for approx 1 minute until light and fluffy

Add egg and mix on speed 3 or 4 for 5 seconds.

Add chocolate chips and turn TMX to speed 3 + reverse

Gradually add flour through hole in the lid until all combined (approx 30 seconds)

Bake in a moderate 180° oven (160° fan forced) for 12-15 min until golden brown.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dairy free tropical muffins

300g Flour
3tsp baking powder
30g sugar
1 egg
200g ricemilk
50g nuttelex
50g tropical juice
handful of chopped mango
2 bananas
Add all ingredients and mix on speed 4-5 for 15 secs

Cook at 180' for 20 mins

Banana bread

120g butter
140g brown sugar
2 eggs
4 bananas
280g flour
1 tsp bicarb soda
pinch salt
120g choc chips (optional)

    Preheat oven to 180'c. Spray loaf pan with cooking spray.

  1. Beat the sugar and butter together for 15 seconds on speed 4. Scrape down the sides of the bowl and add the eggs and bananas. Beat the mixture for 15 seconds on speed 5.

  2. Add in the remaining dry ingredients and beat on speed 4 for 10 ? 20 seconds, just until combined.

  3. Pour the batter into the prepared pans and bake for 40 to 45 minutes.

raspberry muffins

300g Flour
3tsp baking powder
50g sugar
1 egg
250g milk
50g butter
Add all ingredients and mix on speed 4-5 for 15 secs

This is failsafe, to keep it failsafe add vanilla, or pear jam, or pear pieces... etc

I added 110g of frozen raspberries, but anything is fine really.

Bake at 180' c for about 20 minutes.
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raspberry ice cream

2 eggs yolks
150g sugar
250g milk
250g cream
1tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt

Add all ingredients to the thermomix and cook 5 mins 80'c speed 4

Place in a stainless steel bowl and add yur choice of flavouring. (or leave as is, which makes it failsafe btw)
I added frozen raspberries.

Freeze for3-4 hours until firm but not frozen

Take out of freezer, cut into chunks and blitz for 20 seconds speed 9 an then 10 seconds speed 4, using the spatula to assist if needed.

Return to freezer until set.

Try not to eat all of it bu yourself.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yep it's pizza night here in the bambi house.
Lets start with the dough and Ill update with topping pics later :)

280g water
15g dry yeast
20g oil (canola)
2tsp salt
500g flour.

Put in thermo, knead for 2 mins interval speed.
Transfer to an oiled bowl and allow to rise for 30 minutes

Break dough into 4 and let rise again for 15 minutes

Roll out and add topping, failsafe toppings that are a win in this house are the garlic and herb dip, cooked chicken pieces and egg (just some beaten raw egg poured on)

Bake at 200'-220' until cooked :)

This dough is Failsafe too (just use canola oil)


Mushroom Risotto

1 clove garlic, peeled
1 onion quartered
4 seconds speed 9

20 g oil
saute speed 1 100 degress 3 minutes

100grams water
350 grams arborio rice
3 minutes 100 degrees reverse speed 1

1000 g water
1 tablespoon stock concentrate
200 grams mushrooms, sliced
16 minutes 100 degrees reverse speed soft

Yep its that easy :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Garlic and herb dip

This dip is failsafe and very tasty
1 clove of garlic
2 spring onions or 1 shallot
handful of parsley (we grow this ourselves so its always on hand :))

Put these in the thermomix and blitz for 5 seconds speed 10. I love the result here, its just so impressive, I will have to get a photo next time (I make this pretty much daily for lunchboxes and after school snacks)

Then add a block of kraft philladelphia cream cheese. I specify block and brand as this does not have any preservatives or additives.

Mix up on speed 4-5 for 25 seconds until mixed through and smooth.

Enjoy with bickies, on bread or however you like :)

Pear Jam

Ok so this is Failsafe Jam.

Before the thermomix I had to make this by hand, which was a PITA!!

Now its quick and mess free.

Take 1kg ripe pears or tinned pears. Puree in the thermomix, speed 10 for about 30 seconds until smooth.

Heat at 100' for 5 minutes speed 3

Add 750 grams sugar and 1 packet of jamsetta.
Cook for 10 minutes varoma temp speed 2

Allow to cool in the thermomix for a little while before transfering to jars or containers.

It will continue to set in the fridge.

Store in the fridge. This usually last about a month in our house.

"Roll Ups" aka Fruit rolls

Ok so a good friend of mine gave me some pears to use up and create yummy things for her young kiddies, so I thought pear roll ups would be a good treat. We have never bought store rolls ups due to the huge sugar content and other nasties in them. These are made from whole fruit and no added sugar. Just fruit.

So take 750 grams of fruit, I used mostly pear and one apple. But anything is fine. Skin and all.
1 Banana
Juice of half a lemon.

Cook fruit (not juice) for 10 minutes 100' speed 2 Strain any stones out if need be,
Taste, you can add sweetener if you wish. I didnt need to
Add juice and process for 30 seconds speed 9 until smooth

Spread on a baking tray (I lined it with baking paper, but well oiled or silicone would be fine)
and dry in the oven at 80' for 8-12 hours until it is no longer sticky to touch.

Cut into strips (i found scissors worked best) and wrap in plastic, keeps in the cupboard for 12 months.

They are actually rather tasty.

chilli con carne

So this is the chilli I made to go in our soft taco tortillas.
1 onion
1 chilli
1 clove garlic

Chop in thermomix 5 second speed 9.

Add 400 g beef mince. Cook 2 minutes 100' reverse speed soft.

Add 1 tin tomatoes 1 tin drained and rinsed kidney beans punch if sugar 2 table spoons of thermo stock and 2 tablespoons tomato paste
Add a pinch of your favorite herbs such as basil thyme and oregano
Cook for 15 minutes 100' reverse speed soft.

Can be served with corn chips. Mash. Or in tortillas as we did tonight :)
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sausage rolls

So I made some sausage rolls, using the puff pastry recipe I posted yesterday.
I took,
1clove garlic
1 onion and
1 carrot
and blitzed it all in the thermo. (about 10 seconds speed 10)
add 500 grams beef mince and blitz again for about 10 seconds speed 5

Then I rolled out the pastry and cut it into rectangles, I then placed logs of the mince mixture into the center of each one. roll them up and place on a baking tray. I pricked them with forks and half had sesame seeds added to the top.

Put them in a hot oven (180'c) and cook until golden brown.

Failsafe version. Take out the onion and carrot and replace with spring onions and parsley.

Tortillas for tea

So tonight I am doing a twist on the 'soft' tacos they sell in the supermarkets.
I am making my thermo chilli con carne, and then serving it in a home made tortilla with lettuce, cheese and tomato with lashings of salsa :)

So for the toritllas I did this:

320grams plain flour
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon baking powder
180 grams/mls warm water

Throw it all in the TM bowl, mix for 10 secs to combine, then knead for 3 minutes.

Rest the dough for 5 - 10 minutes.
Roll out as thin as you can in any old shape (circular is the aim here lol)

Then just cook in a hot pan, one side until it puffs up and then flip and cook for a few seconds on the second side.

Done. :)

I will add the chili later :)



The recipe I use for my bread and my bread rolls are the same, i usually do one batch of each everyday.
I have experimented with spelt flour a little but as this is not always readily available in my town (not that i have tried very hard to source it) I tend to stick with bakers flour.

300grams lukewarm water
15g yeast
440g bakers flour
20g oil (I use canola)
pinch of salt

I also add about 50 grams of flaxseed meal for taste and nutritional benefits.

Put all ingredients into thermo bowl, combine on speed 7 for 5 seconds, then need on interval speed for 1minute 30 seconds.
Tip out into a oiled bowl and let rise for 20-30 minutes.
Place in a cold oven and bake at 200'c for 25 mins (180 for fan forced)

You can either cook this as a loaf or as a few rolls, if doing rolls just shape and put on a baking tray, sprinkle with a little water for added crunch. (they will probably only need 20 mins as rolls)

I find that even though it tastes best cut straight out of the oven you should never cut bread while its hot, as it will lose a lot of its moisture. :( I rarely resist though lol

I havent actually checked if flaxmeal is failsafe, but the rest of the ingredients are fine for failsafe bread.


Chocolate custard. mmmm

70g sugar
2 egss
500g milk
20g cornflour

Chocolate or choc chips

So I started with 70 grams of sugar and turned it into icing sugar (anything from 50 grams to 100 is fine, depends what sort of custard you are making) by whizzing it for 10 seconds speed 10

Add remaining ingredients and cook for 7 minutes at 90 degrees speed 4

In the last minute add chocolate to taste. I used 100 grams :)

EDITED TO ADD: Failsafe version. Add vanilla extract instead of chocolate.
Dairy free version. Use rice/oat milk in place of cows milk.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter was a hit and miss success. I used salted nuts, as I had read a few people had needed to add a fair bit of salt to theirs, so i thought I could cut out the middle man... lol a bit toooo salty (still very edible). So I think next time I will go with unsalted.
Just add to the thermo and blitz speed 10 until it becomes a paste.

If you want a very smooth paste you could add a little peanut oil to thin it out a little.

Ours is great but we are used to buying plain peanut butter from the health food store, this is just easier :)


1 clove garlic
squeeze lemon juice or tblsp vinegar
teaspoon mustard
half teaspoon salt & pepper to taste
1 whole egg seperated
250 gram oil, I used canola oil

Blitz the garlic 5 seconds speed 9
Insert butterfly, place egg yolk salt pepper mustard and lemon juice or vinegar in thermo mix for 1 minute speed 4

With blades still moving on speed 4 and the measuring cup in place slowly pour in oil. Take your time, it should take about 4-6 minutes.

Once thickened you can add the egg white (optional)

Looks great, will enjoy smothering my summer salads in this I think :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Puff' Pastry and egg and bacon pie

So I thought I'd start my blog with a new little recipe Im trying out.

I often make this bacon and egg pie (free range bacon and free range
eggs) with store bought pastry, but I thought it ould be nice to have a go at making my own, and it was quite easy.

120grams butter
80grams lard
100gms chilled water
250grams plain flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons lemon juice

Put flour in TM bowl and turbo for a few seconds to sift.
Cut butter and lard into cubes, add to bowl along with salt, lemon juice, and most of the water.
Knead for 10-20 secs on interval unitl it forms a rough dough. You may need to add the rest of the water.
Turn onto lightly floured board and pat gently into a log shape.
Roll out to a long thin strip, approx 40cm x 12 cm.
Fold into 3 by folding the bottom third up and the top third down over that.
Turn so that folds are at the sides. Roll out again.
Repeat this 3 more times.
Cover and leave in fridge till ready to use, at least 30 mins.

The lard was pretty horrid to touch, and I have heard of people using only butter, so if thats all you have on hand go ahead :)

Then make the pie, its an open pie so I suppose it's a quiche, but my husband dosnt eat quiche, so it's a pie in our house ;)


Pastry, I had enough for 1 big pie and 12 mini pies (for tomorrows lunchbox)
1/2 brown onion peeled
60g tasty cheese (I used a bit more, like 90grams... hehehe)
2 rashers bacon - rind removed and chopped (hmm I used more here too)
4 free-range eggs
190g milk
salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 200 degrees.

Roll homemade pastry thinly.

Grease a pie plate/dish (I use a 30cm quiche dish) and line with pastry.

Place the onion into the TMX bowl and chop for 4 seconds on speed 5. Sprinkle over pastry.

Place the cheese into the TMX bowl and chop for 4 seconds on speed 8. Sprinkle over onion.

Sprinkle the bacon over the onion and cheese.

Place the eggs, milk, salt and pepper into the TMX bowl and mix for 20 seconds on speed 4-5. Pour the mixture into the pie dish.

Cook for 10 minutes at 200 degrees, before turning the oven down to 180 degrees and cooking for a further 20-25 minutes until set. Enjoy!

EDITED TO ADD Failsafe adaption. For my failsafer son I use butter for the pastry, then I just use egg and milk with a little parsley or egg and a dollop of garlic and herb dip, i oftne make mini ones for lunchboxes or snacks

Welcome post

So you are probably here for thermomix recipes, but if you don't know what a thermomix is you might want to check out here:


I'm in Australia, Tassie actually. With my thermo, Bimby, and my 3 children + husband.

I wanted to blog the bits and pieces I create with my thermo, for myself to keep me trying new things, and for others to share recipes and ideas :)

So please enjoy :)