Tuesday, June 7, 2011

sauce, and stuff

I have been way out of the loop but today i gave bimbi a good work out,
I made this sauce, and to be honest its green and very unappealing but it tastes ok, and the DS ate it so it must be ok.
Failsafe tomato sauce substitute:
1/2 Leek (The green half)
50g Butter
1 850g tin of pears drained.
100g Brown sugar
2tsp Citric acid

Chop Leek speed 7 for 3-5seconds.

Add butter, Saute 2 minutes 100C speed soft. (MC OFF).

Add all other ingriedients. Mix speed 4-5 10-20 seconds.

Simmer 15 minutes 70C speed soft. (MC in)

Puree by slowly turning up to speed 9 for 30-40 seconds.

Place in jars and keep in fridge.

I will add some pics at a later date ;).

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  1. yeah we use this sauce a lot as well. My son calls it pear sauce and devours it - as long as I make it when he's not in the kitchen, he doesn't know it has leeks in it, and its one way I can get some greens into him without him protesting. I also add shallots sometimes